The requirements for homeschoolers this year has reverted back to the Pre-Covid Days — in other words, an evaluation, portfolio, log-book, etc are required.

How can you safely do the evaluation interview?

  1. You might be able to do the evaluation outdoors with proper social distancing, hand-sanitizer, gloves, etc
  2. You might be able to drop of the materials in advance and then schedule a video chat with your evaluator
  3. You might be able to scan and upload information to Google docs or Dropbox and review with evaluator via video chat or phone call

Which would be preferable for evaluations with Mr. Anger?

  • Actually, I am flexible to do what YOU are most comfortable with
  • Let’s make tentative appointments for June, knowing that we can reschedule later if we need to
  • I would rather look through your materials personally and not have to be looking at online documentation if possible
  • We can certainly make the remote option work with video call and key paperwork uploaded to a shared folder (in that case, talk to me first about what to include, how to make good copies, where to upload, etc)