The governor and legislature passed a law relaxing the normal requirements for homeschool families in PA this year in light of the social distancing we are all expected to be following. Though portfolios, evaluations, log-books, and testing are not required this year, you as a family may still opt to do one or more of them.

So, what does this mean for YOU as a homeschool family?

  1. You do not necessarily need to keep a logbook THIS year and show anyone
  2. If you have a student in grades 3, 5, or 8 they do NOT need to be tested this year, and do not have to “make up” that test later.
  3. You do not have to submit an evaluation report to your school district this summer

Should you still consider getting an evaluation at the end of the year?

  1. If you have a student in 9th-12th grade, then your evaluator needs to review this year’s work to grant credits
  2. If you have a student in a diploma program, then certain paperwork, transcripts, evaluation reports still need to be submitted to the diploma agency (though the deadlines for 9th-11th graders may be extended beyond June 30th)
  3. If you find that the annual accountability, or coaching, or year-end celebrating with your evaluator is a valuable “help” in your quest to provide the best education possible for your child(ren), then you should certainly still schedule an evaluation
  4. Some evaluators I know really count on the income from summer evaluations to stretch their family budget and make ends meet. You may want to continue with the evaluation to “help the local economy” in that way 🙂

How can you safely do the evaluation if you decide to go ahead with it?

  1. You might be able to delay the evaluation to mid or late summer (or early fall?)
  2. You might be able to do the evaluation outdoors with proper social distancing, hand-sanitizer, gloves, etc
  3. You might be able to drop of the materials in advance and then schedule a video chat with your evaluator
  4. You might be able to scan and upload information to Google docs or Dropbox and review with evaluator via video chat or phone call

Which would be preferable for evaluations with Mr. Anger?

  • Actually, I am flexible to do what YOU are most comfortable with
  • Let’s make tentative appointments for June, knowing that we can reschedule later if we need to
  • I would rather look through your materials personally and not have to be looking at online documentation if possible (option 2 or 3 above)
  • We can certainly make the remote option work with video call and key paperwork uploaded to a shared folder (in that case, talk to me first about what to include, how to make good copies, where to upload, etc)
More information from the Diploma Programs: