• The fee is due at the time of the interview

  • Standard narrative report  – $60

  • Checklist report  – $40

Acceptable for 7th, 8th grade and some diploma programs – though it does not “showcase” your great work. Some diploma programs, like PHAA, require the longer narrative report above

  • Diploma Program Compliance Fee – $10

Required every year for Mason-Dixon Program (unless the parent completes all the forms and all I have to do is sign them) only the Senior Year for Susquehanna, and WAIVED for PHAA program.

  • Mid-year review or advisory meeting – $20

Note: For PHAA diplomas, a student number must be secured from Dr. Richman before a transcript can be prepared for the first time. All copies of transcripts for colleges must come from him directly.

  • I no longer administer achievement testing, but I can put you in touch with a colleague who can.
  • I accept Personal Check, Cash, PayPal, credit card through PayPal, and Google Pay
  • COVID-19 UPDATE – if your family finances have been impacted by this pandemic, making it difficult for you to pay the fees this year, talk to me about your situation and we will work something out.