What is the Portfolio?

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The 2015 Pennsylvania law that affected homeschooling made significant changes to the Portfolio Requirement. You still have to do one, but you will NOT turn it in to the school district! That will be a big relief to the school districts to not have to handle and review all those folders. But that also means that your evaluator is the sole audience of all your work. Which for me means that I have an increased “liability” before the...

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Which diploma program is right for your teen?

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I work with the PHAA, Susquehanna Valley, and Mason-Dixon Diploma Programs for highschoolers in Pennsylvania. Each program has a unique niche and slightly (or dramatically) different requirements. Most of the differences have to do with what is required for English credit each year. In order to keep it all straight myself, I created a table summarizing the differences which you can download here and print or use for comparison. The law requires...

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Review of “The Collapse of Parenting”

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We parents are spending more and more time and money on parenting, author and psychologist Leonard Sax points out, but when you look at the results, things are getting worse, not better. The number of children being labeled and treated for ADHD – and even bipolar disorder – is increasing exponentially Children are generally out of shape and heavier than two decades ago Children and teens can’t handle failure and rejection – they’re more...

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4 Tips about Math in the new SAT test

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I attended a conference session explaining the new SAT college entrance test. There are several changes to the new edition, rolled out in Spring 2016. The biggest change that the teens will like is that the overall test time has been shortened! And the essay writing portion is optional now. The first – and longest test section – is the Reading and Comprehension (65 minutes). The verbal and writing section is 35 minutes. Now let’s talk about the...

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Reaching for Excellence in Homeschooling

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I was invited to give the Keynote Address at the Pennsylvania Homeschoolers Accreditation Agency’s 2016 Conference in April, 2016. The topic I was assigned was “Reaching for Excellence in Homeschooling.” Following is the main text of that address. Reaching for Excellence in Homeschooling I want to give you five ways teens can REACH for Excellence, but first, let’s define “excellence.” Definition of Excellence: Some may equate...

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Teaching Boys Differently than Girls

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Two summers ago I read some books by Dr. Leonard Sax, M.D. about dealing with boys in the classroom. Though he is not a believer, his observations and recommendations resonated with me. I have since put together a workshop presentation that I have taught a few times now. The homeschool moms and lady teachers seem to really enjoy the content of this workshop! Teaching boys is definitely different than teaching girls — but equipped with...

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