Please allow me to share a little about myself with you!

  • Qualified under Act 169 of 1988 (the Homeschool Law) to evaluate students in grades 7-12.
  • Evaluation letters accepted by dozens of school districts in the Lehigh Valley / Pocono / Quakertown area / and others
  • Approved by the PA Homeschooler Accreditation Agency  (founded by Howard Richman) to accept high school credits toward a diploma from them.
  • Approved by Mason-Dixon and Susquehanna Valley Diploma programs.
  • Approved to certify the Act 196 parent-issued diploma
  • Thirty-five years experience teaching high school and over thirty years experience doing homeschool evaluations

Homeschooling has earned a reputation over the past several decades of being a very educationally sound and effective alternative for parents to educate their children. It also has helped many parents win the heart of their child or teach their values. Homeschooling often helps the struggling student as well as the excelling student. The program can be tailor-made for remediation or enrichment. Though a teacher in a traditional classroom for over thirty years, I support and empathize with those who have undertaken the schooling of their children at home. Ultimately, the responsibility of training children was entrusted by God to parents, not to the government or even to the church.

Since 1988 Pennsylvania has had one of the best laws of any state regarding homeschooling. Though it has some accountability requirements, they are minimal and beneficial. The law also protects homeschooling families, ensuring consistency and fair treatment and due process if questions are raised. The Act 196 of 2014 has strengthened the right of parents to homeschool, opened new opportunities, and removed some of the most onerous paperwork requirements.

I enjoy doing evaluations every summer. Not only do I learn about resources and techniques that are working for others, I have been able to be a sounding board and help to families as well. There are other ways I believe I can be of help to you as well.

Please feel free to contact me if I can be of help to you!

Timothy Anger, M.S.

Allow me to share my story of how I came to know the Lord as my personal Savior.

August 1989 to present: Full-time principal and high school math, science and computer teacher at Emmaus Baptist Academy; experienced there teaching and grading courses in physical science, biology, physics, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, computer, and various other courses at the secondary level.

August 1984 to June 1989: Taught high school math and science at Koolau Baptist Church Academy in Kaneohe, Hawaii.

B.S. from Maranatha Baptist Bible College, Watertown, Wisconsin, May 1984
Majors: Bible, Secondary Education
Minors: Math, Physical Sciences
M.S. from Bob Jones University, Greenville, South Carolina, May 1994
School Administration and Supervision