A parent of a teen in our school heard about this book about aggressive girls on a radio interview and suggested we get it for the library. I did, and read it as soon as it arrived. Here’s the review I wrote on Amazon.com:

“As principal of a Christian school for almost 30 years, I have to agree with the author’s premise that pre-teen and teen girls today are more forward and flirtatious than they were a generation ago. Sadly, the shocking stories he relates of girls basically throwing themselves on boys and offering themselves sexually are becoming more common-place; I could come up with several stories of my own to add to each chapter. As a father, I found the book to be informative, motivating, and challenging to get out of my comfort zone and have some conversations with my children. I was able to read the book in one sitting to get the overview and can go back and use the chapter reviews with questions to help my teens in the weeks and months ahead.

In my opinion, the missing chapter is about how today’s popular media (music, movies, entertainment, etc) continually sexualize kids and push them to think and act in the aggressive way warned about in the book. Should we be filtering and controlling those influences more?

Don’t be a clueless parent or teacher! Get aggressive in dealing with this important issue in your teens’ lives! You only have one chance!


Here’s a link to my review on Amazon: