I just returned from this summer’s PHAA Conference and learned some great things about what colleges are looking for when the screens students.

One session I attended was about the College Interview and covered what to do, and what not to do, and how to prepare. Very informative and interesting! Mr. Laszlo Pasztor, a PHAA board member, is a retired military officer and now does student screening for two different colleges. He has interviewed hundreds of students. Some of the BEST were homeschoolers!

  • Be comfortable with who you are and know why you want to attend that college
  • Read some articles on line about preparing for interviews and the types of questions they will ask
  • Be HONEST! Admit areas of weakness and talk about how you are improving
  • Be ready to explain what makes you stand out among your peers
  • Do some community service work, and demonstrate some leadership skills with your peers. Be sure your evaluator notes those things in his/her write-ups. And be ready to share them with the interviewer.
  • First appearance can make or break the interview — dress up more than your peers will. Be a “Gentleman” or a “Lady” and you will make a good impression!
  • How did your choice of courses in high school prepare your for what you want to pursue in college?

Many more ideas! It was a workshop worth attending!