Math curriculum

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My occupation is as a math and science teacher. When I started teaching back in 1985 I used Bob Jones and A Beka textbooks. Since I have been at EBA I have used primarily Saxon Math (the blue Algebra 1/2, orange Algebra I, red Algebra II, and green Advanced Math). Though I am a creature of habit and am comfortable with Saxon, I think I have fallen in love with their model of incremental learning with integrated review. Students who have gone...

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Help for struggling learners

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Over the years of teaching and working with homeschool students, I have had an increased burden for students who struggle with academics. I didn’t always feel that way — school came easy for me as a teen and college student, so I expected all students to be able to succeed. Lack of progress must be due to lack of effort or motivation or just a bad attitude, I thought. The Lord has used a number of experiences, students, and...

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