Howard Richman’s PHAA diploma program requires that students read 25 books each year, three of which need to be “classics,” which often leads to a discussion with parents about just exactly what is a classic? Does it have to be Shakespeare?

There is no master list or consensus definition of what is a classic, and some books on one person’s list may be considered inappropriate reading for teens by someone else. A list compiled by a non-Christian teacher would likely not include works by John Bunyon, such as “Pilgrim’s Progress” or by C.S. Lewis or Charles Spurgeon. But from a Christian world-view, they most certainly would be considered “classics.”

A few resources that may help you in selecting books are:

1. Best Books (Bob Jones Press)

2. Honey for a Child’s Heart (Zondervan)

3. Honey for a Teen’s Heart (Zondervan)