Review of “The Collapse of Parenting”

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We parents are spending more and more time and money on parenting, author and psychologist Leonard Sax points out, but when you look at the results, things are getting worse, not better. The number of children being labeled and treated for ADHD – and even bipolar disorder – is increasing exponentially Children are generally out of shape and heavier than two decades ago Children and teens can’t handle failure and rejection – they’re more...

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4 Tips about Math in the new SAT test

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I attended a conference session explaining the new SAT college entrance test. There are several changes to the new edition, rolled out in Spring 2016. The biggest change that the teens will like is that the overall test time has been shortened! And the essay writing portion is optional now. The first – and longest test section – is the Reading and Comprehension (65 minutes). The verbal and writing section is 35 minutes. Now let’s talk about the...

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