Should I still use a diploma agency?

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In Pennsylvania parents are now able to issue their own diploma and transcript (signed by their senior year evaluator). Is there still a reason to pursue getting a diploma through an agency like PHAA, Mason-Dixon, or Susquehanna? I personally will recommend that homeschoolers consider using a diploma program rather than issue their own for several reasons: The programs have established good reputations with colleges and military The programs...

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How the Homeshool Law Changed in 2015

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How the Homeschool Law changed in 2015: 1. You no longer turn in your portfolio to your school district. Instead, by June 30 you just turn in the evaluation letter written by your evaluator. 2. You no longer turn in your test scores. If you tested your children, your test scores go into your portfolio which is not turned in to your superintendent, just to your evaluator. 3. Expanded evaluator responsibilities. The evaluator can be held...

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Why homeschool your high schooler

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Why homeschool your high schooler Challenging your teens instead of seeing them as a challenge By SARITA HOLZMANN  Posted Nov. 8, 2014, 08:45 a.m. at World Magazine (see link below) Teenagers often earn a bad rap. If you picture all teens as flirting, gossiping, self-centered bundles of raging hormones, it’s no wonder homeschooling high school can be intimidating! I’d like to argue against that false generalization and suggest that...

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