Introducing the Susquehanna Diploma Program

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I had heard good things about this diploma program from a colleague who has used them for quite a while. The phrase she used that stuck with me was, “They offer a lot of grace to the struggling student.” So in July of 2010 I met with the board and learned more about their program, requirements, and distinctives and was approved to evaluate for them. One of the main features that sets them apart is that they offer a way for students...

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Math curriculum

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My occupation is as a math and science teacher. When I started teaching back in 1985 I used Bob Jones and A Beka textbooks. Since I have been at EBA I have used primarily Saxon Math (the blue Algebra 1/2, orange Algebra I, red Algebra II, and green Advanced Math). Though I am a creature of habit and am comfortable with Saxon, I think I have fallen in love with their model of incremental learning with integrated review. Students who have gone...

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Howard Richman’s PHAA diploma program requires that students read 25 books each year, three of which need to be “classics,” which often leads to a discussion with parents about just exactly what is a classic? Does it have to be Shakespeare? There is no master list or consensus definition of what is a classic, and some books on one person’s list may be considered inappropriate reading for teens by someone else. A list...

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Help for struggling learners

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Over the years of teaching and working with homeschool students, I have had an increased burden for students who struggle with academics. I didn’t always feel that way — school came easy for me as a teen and college student, so I expected all students to be able to succeed. Lack of progress must be due to lack of effort or motivation or just a bad attitude, I thought. The Lord has used a number of experiences, students, and...

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Should homeschool parents assign grades?

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I get asked this question periodically and so I thought I’d share my thoughts. Feel free to post comments or questions! Why are grades given in the first place? They are a communication tool — a short-hand way of letting others know how well a student is doing at mastering the content of a given course.  One of the main interested parties is the student himself! Whether in a classroom or homeschooling, most students want objective...

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