• The fee is due at the time of the interview

  • Standard narrative report  – $55

$5 Discount if reports can be emailed as pdfs for you to print at home in color

  • Checklist report  – $25

Acceptable for 7th, 8th grade and some diploma programs – though it does not “showcase” your great work. Some diploma programs, like PHAA, require the longer narrative report above

  • Transcript Preparation Fee – $10

If a transcript will be prepared or updated and printed, there is a fee of $10 at the time of the evaluation, $20 at other times of the year.

  • Mid-year review or meeting or special services (such as completing college references, writing letters of recommendation) – $20

Note: For PHAA diplomas, a student number must be secured from Dr. Richman before a transcript can be prepared for the first time. All copies of transcripts for colleges must come from him directly.

  • I no longer administer achievement testing, but I can put you in touch with a colleague who can.