Perhaps you were given my name by a friend or found me in a listing of potential evaluators . . .and you are wondering, “Who is this Mr. Anger? I hope he doesn’t live up to his name!”

I have been doing high school homeschool evaluations in the Lehigh Valley and Quakertown area for over twenty-five years. Allow me to introduce myself and help you get to know me and my philosophy better. I would be honored to be part of your educational team and help you prepare your teen for college  and adulthood.

Perhaps you are still trying to decide which diploma program to use and want a good comparison. I work with five different diploma programs and can help you decide which one is best for your teen. You may be aware that the new PA Act 196 makes is possible for parents to issue their own diploma with the certification of their evaluator. I can help you understand how this new law affects you. Click here for a brief summary.

Ready to set up an interview? Contact me.

Once the appointment is set, you need to download a summary form to fill out and print out the list of what to bring.  Then you will want to know what is involved in the interview.

Need directions to my office?

I have posted some “articles” on various topics in the blog associated with this site. See the News and Tips section in the lower right hand corner of the menu bar or click on a subject in the tag cloud to the right.

I wrote an article published by Pennsylvania Homeschoolers in their newsletter: “Tim’s Top Ten Tips for Teaching Teen Testosterone.” It is full of practical tips for moms who are homeschooling their teen son and discovering challenges to that process!

Timothy Anger, M.S.

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